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Sovereign ChildMy name is Walter William Holmes and this book that I’ve written, Sovereign Child is a story of healing and health. I was abandoned at birth and was placed in four foster care homes where I was mentally, emotionally and physically abused before being adopted at the age of seven. Throughout my life my body and mind have endured various medications such as Ritalin to deal with my ADHD and anti-depressants. By the time I reached the age of fourteen, I was placed in two group homes where I was sexually abused and started using street drugs to cope with the pain of rejection, guilt and shame.

At the age of twenty I was found not guilty by reason of insanity and was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic where I was prescribe anti-psychotic medications and lived in two mental institutions. In my later years I was diagnosed with a degenerative bone disease and a chronic pain condition where I was once again prescribed an array of opiates.

This is a story of healing, health, finding love and forgiveness, I wrote this book as part of my healing process, but I also wrote it for you. I hope that my story of finding peace helps you with your healing. We are all here to shine our light onto others by sharing our own personal journey in hopes of helping others through their own personal hardships. I hope that you find my book inspirational and please share the video with others who might be struggling.

I love each and every single one of you, God bless.

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  1. This book deeply moved inspired and spoke to us in every way. God’s Redemption over this Man of God .We know that thousands upon thousands will be freed through this book. This book is Hope for the hopeless, rest for the restless. The chains that have imprisoned many with the deep dark secrets many swear will take to the grave. Will give people hope in The One True Living God that Walter has surrendered His life to. All to Jesus! Daniel and I recommend this book highly and as a Guest speaker as well to inspire motivate through God’s word, Holy Spirit and His personal Testimony. Daniel and Thea Pawlick

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