Jeanine June 6, 2017

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I have known Walter for over 20 years, when I met him, he was hilarious, always the clown but professional when he had to be. We worked together for about 5 years in Alberta and then life happens and people lose a bit of touch, luckily through Facebook

we were still able to chat once in awhile. Through Facebook I could tell in the last 10-15 years there was some deep stuff going on within him…… but being so far away I would never know the truth or extent of it till the birth of his book, ” The Sovereign Child”.

Wow, how does one person live to tell of this horrific upbringing and then turn into such a Stellar Individual……. I asked him….. GOD, he said. Although I am not a deeply religious person, I truly believe that if Walter and God would have not found each other, he would not be the guy he is today.
When I started reading this book, it didn’t go down till I was done…… you just can’t put it down, just when you think it can’t get any worse for him …. it does….

So raw and well written……

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